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My favourite ironwood trees in Australia are the Sydney Blue Gum and the Blackbutt. The blue haze that can be seen in the Blue Mountaines west of Sydney is apparently attributable to the Sydney Blue Gum trees. Apparently they are also great at carbon storage, and can grow to about 65m. I have planted numerous of these and they are growing well, and now in their second year. They struggled a bit last season due to the drought, but are 'rocketing this' season with it being so wet. The significant rain this season has encouraged much growth and bloom. Bees, birds, and Flying Foxes seem to be enjoyong their this lately.

Unfortunately, the River Red Gum trees that I planted several years ago seem to have almost 'stalled' in their growth, and are about 3-4m now.

Of course, there are many, many other ironwood tree varieties or genus in Australia, and around the world.

The Giant Ironwood, is of course another ironwood tree species, and is a threatened species. It is also known as Backhousia subargentea. Some of it's threats, unfortunately, include:

  • Loss of habitat through clearing for agriculture.
  • Loss of habitat through clearing for development.
  • Risk of local extinction because populations are small.
  • Habitat degradation through invasion of weeds.
  • Grazing and trampling by domestic stock.
  • Inappropriate fire regime resulting in habitat modification and direct loss of individuals.
  • Risk of extinction because of restricted and fragmented distribution.
  • Uncertainty of future land management practices.

Another Ironwood tree varieties in Australia is the Erythrophleum chlorostachys, also known as Leguminous Ironwood; Red Ironwood; Black Bean; Cooktown Ironwood; Camel Poison; Ironwood, Cooktown; Ironwood; Ironwood, Leguminous; Ironwood, Red

It's interesting to note that trees such as Australian ironwood potentially maybe one of the most important native timber species. Also, that some species of ironwood are poisonous, such as to stock.

An Acacia species of ironwood is used for a range of purposes, such as food, timber, and traditional medicine.

Australian Ironwood tree plants:

Here are a few select sites with plants, images, etc about Ironwood tree plants in Australia:

Territory Native Plants

Speciality Trees

Gardening with Angus

As you probably already know, Ironwood timber or trees in Australia are considered to be a hardwood and not a softwood, and used in various ways. It has been used in houses and homes for a range of purposes, such as for flooring, including laminate flooring.

One of Australia's hardest native ironwood timbers is the Australian Buloke. It naturally grows in various parts of Australia, including the eastern and southern areas.


There some great hardwood or ironwood products available now, such as ironwood cladding. Have a look at these suppliers:

Timber with veins


Northern Rivers Recycled Timbers

And if you are loooking for ironwood timber australia then the above suppliers should be able to help.

Please take into account that like many things, there are some 'cons' for buying recycled timber such as Australian hardwood. Some of these for recycled timber include:

  • Legitimacy,
  • Cost,
  • Toxins,
  • Pests, and
  • Hidden dangers.

Obviously if you buy new timber then these issues are minimised or reduced.

Happy hunting for quality Australian timber or trees.

A lovely black and white historical image of an Ironwood tree in Australia that was taken in 1935, and lit by the campfire. Very Australian.
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